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Coffee - a word that brings back memories of places and people. Just hearing the word calls to mind images of a whole world, awhole culture, as well as evoking flavour, history, care and dedication.
The culture is that of the coffee plantations that lie between the two tropics; the flavour is that rich, intense taste, reminiscent of so many coffee breaks or social encounters; history is the images coffee evokes of bourgeois salons and coffee houses, literary circles and democracy; finally, care and dedication refer Brao’s twenty-five-year-strong commitment toguaranteeing its customers a product of truly outstanding quality.
This is what defines Brao, a company which has always been focused on quality, but also onthe service it delivers to its customers. This is why businesses that choose Brao can rest assured that they will receive quality products, as well as continual support even when it comes to resolving the most minor details.
This is all to ensure a first-rate product: Caffè Brao, an extra special brand of coffee.
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