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Brao also represents the Gruppo Triveneto Torrefattori di Caffè (Triveneto Coffee Roasters Group), which carefully checks each blend of coffee in accordance with a coffee quality certification(Certificato di Qualità)issued by the Chemical Laboratory of the Trieste Chamber of Commerce. This certification entitles the products to make use of the label 'Espresso Italiano di Qualità', which is only awarded to expert coffee-producers who use certified blends and pay careful attention to the continualmaintenance of their espresso machines.
There are certain golden rules - a type of coffee-maker’s handbook - for making good-quality coffee. Brao abides by these rules, and its special blends are carefully checked at every stage of the process, from the coffee bean to the finished drink. All of this contributes to producing great-tasting coffee - the unmistakable flavour of an espresso that is full-bodied, smooth and well-balanced. Put very simply, an excellentcup of coffee.
The secret to achieving the perfect espresso - which is topped off by a hazelnut froth thick enough to contain the weight of the sugar - lies in the grinding of the coffee beans. The ground coffee needs to be extremely fine: it should not be too thin, but at the same time, a single grain should not exceed one millimetre in diameter.
The espresso machine used to make the coffee - including home espresso machines - needs to heat the water to 90° at a pressure of 9 atm, and should be thoroughly cleaned and checked every time it is used.
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